New Camera

I bought a new camera today. And I am going to try to make cool videos.

2016-01-29 03.42.49

I love watching videos on the internet. I’ve always loved the idea of video as a form of self expression, but I have always been very intimidated by the idea of trying it myself. There just seems to be such a large learning curve.


Recently I have been getting the urge to try (not the first time this has happened), but with any form of art or self expression, When you first start out, the medium can fight against you. It can be a barrier between you and what you are trying to create. This can be very discouraging, which is why I’ve never given making videos a solid try. Like everybody, I don’t want to suck at something. I don’t want to make sucky things.

But I don’t want to be someone who lets that stop me. Jake the Dog from the Adventure Time TV show actually has some good words on this topic:


So I bought a camera, which is really the easy part. For the hard part, I’m going to make myself post at least 1 video per week. It will probably replace most of the content of this blog. I’ll be experimenting with vlogging (video blogging). Maybe I’ll try travel tips, or even story telling. I expect anything I will be quite sucky for a while. But I’m going to try to make the best sucky videos I can until they are sort of good.

Here’s my first one:

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  1. Hi Nick, still having a good time, I see. I liked the video, and hope to see more. We love you and keep you in our prayers. Love, A. Julie

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