My New Place in Ho Chi Minh City

It took me about 5 days to get a place here but I finally found one.I found this place through a Facebook housing group, nd I think will work out quite well. Its about %30-40 more expensive than my place in Chiang Mai but I expected that to be the case. I know you can find cheaper places here but also I wanted something I felt a little more comfortable in.

So anyways, here are the pics:

2016-01-04 11.28.53
Bed and closet and stuff.
2016-01-04 11.29.05 HDR
Big windows and a desk. :)
2016-01-04 11.29.24
Weird bathroom. Yes, that shower situation is as strange and awkward as it looks.
2016-01-07 14.00.41
My building is the orangish one with the blue gate under the tree. And yes, that is a dirty empty lot in front of it. lol.

So here in Ho Chi Minh City, at least in District 1 where I am, there are lots of big blocks. All of the shops and important buildings will be on the outside of the block accessible by the street, and then there will often be an alley or few that go into the middle of the block. This is where you tend to see apartment buildings. And down one such alley you will find my building.

One thing that is a little interesting is that you will notice how narrow all the buildings are. This is actually pretty common here. Many buildings are tall and narrow yet are connected to the buildings on either side, so it makes them look like one big building with vertical stripes of different colors and styles and a jagged roof line. Which I found cool.

2016-01-07 13.59.03
The outer gate.
2016-01-07 13.58.51
Inner gate/door with a fingerprint scanner to get in.
2016-01-07 13.59.23
First floor.

As you can see the first floor area right inside the doors is basically a scooter parking area. From what I have seen this is pretty common. Since theft is a thing here you don’t leave your scooter out on the street at night unattended so people sometimes go to very creative lengths to bring their scooters indoors.

Anyways, thats the new place. Ho Chi Minh City is a totally different world compared to Chiang Mai. I’m working on a post about my first impressions and experiences in the city so stay tuned for that.