Good Bye Chiang Mai

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So my Thailand visa ended on Dec 30th so my time in Thailand came to an end. I thought a lot about staying. I like Chiang Mai so much it’s hard to imagine finding any place I like more. However, my journey is just beginning, and there is just too much to see.

I can’t even describe how amazing my time there was. I met so many amazing people, and made many friendships that I think will last for a long long time. My perspective and world view has changed forever. I saw and experienced many great new things. But the thing I liked the most is something beyond any experience or person.

Being a digital nomad gives one a travel perspective that I think is quite unique. When you have the chance to develop a routine in a new place, you get to simply BE there. This sense of BEING transcends any sight you see or thing you do. You feel it when you drive a scooter on the sidewalk because you saw some Thai guy do it. You feel it when you walk home at night and the streets are all empty and quiet. You feel it when you go to the cheap corner Thai food place so regularly that you just have to nod to the lady there and she brings you your usual. You feel it when you realize how sad you are to leave because Chiang Mai has started to feel like home.

As great as it is to see the cool temples, visit Pai, and do all the other touristy things, I think that had I not done any of it, I would still look at my time in Chiang Mai as a total success. And as the first stop in what I hope will be a long fulfilling journey, Chiang Mai will always have a special place in my heart.

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  1. Hi Nick,
    I missed being with you on Christmas. Your mom said that you had a good day and I am glad that you are enjoying your experience. The world is full of interesting and good people and amazing places. You have a wonderful opportunity to be doing what you are doing.
    Now, for a little advice from your aunt, in all your travels look for opportunities to serve. It will make your experience that much more meaningful. You have a lot to offer the people of the world, you can be an influence for good. If you do, the people whose lives you bless and those experiences will be the ones that you will cherish most. I speak from experience.
    I love you, Nick and am so proud of you!! Have a very Happy New Year!!
    Love, A. Julie

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